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New SAP ERP Design by Synactive Inc. Improves User Adoption

Synactive Inc. is proud to announce a new touch-friendly, web-based interface for SAP ERP to allow users to experience a visually appealing user interface to increase the user’s perception of SAP ERP’s usefulness, ease of use and efficiency. This interface will make SAP ERP no longer look like SAP ERP, which when combined with Synactive’s other tools, can streamline the business process by reducing errors, reducing training, improving master data quality and improving business efficiencies.

“The tasks on SAP are mundane. Why should the interface be mundane?” said Vishal Mehta, Design Consultant, Synactive Inc.  “My source of design inspiration is “liquid” that takes shape of any container. This personalized design experience will take the shape of user’s wisdom, which makes him individually indispensable to the results.”

In addition to simple, task-based apps that can be deployed in 3-days that empowers employees to work seamlessly across desktop, tablets, smartphones, or the web, Synactive is now offering optimized packaged applications focused on SAP modules. Starting with users to fully understand their needs at a detailed level, Synactive delivers the scenarios, workflows, and solutions that deliver business value to meet users’ needs which can be deployed across any touchpoint.

-No SAP or Kernel Upgrade required

-No SAP Gateway, ITS, or SAP Mobile Platform required

-Unified solution and reusable code for any touchpoint (e.g. iOS, Android, scanguns, desktop, web)

“The beauty is NOT just skin deep” said Byron Keiser, Senior Applications Analyst at Pacific Drilling. “Using Liquid UI, we turned the dilemma of limited bandwidth, high latency in the middle of the ocean for SAP users with limited computer skills into a smooth (and fast!) sailing operation.”

To provide users with a complete social experience in real time, allowing users to connect, share, discuss and explore new ideas around the Liquid UI Platform and products, Synactive is also announcing the Liquid UI Community to connect users to share problems, expertise, or resources.

“The Liquid UI Community is a place to discuss scenarios and get answers from the UI experts with specific SAP module domain knowledge,” said Thomas Ewe, Synactive CEO.“Our patented solutions simplify and enable SAP usage, through all touchpoints, be it Mobile or Desktop, so we’re taking our mission to the next level by incorporating the same principles into the user community experience.”

The community includes several sections:

  • Liquid UI Forum - This discussion group allows users to post and answer questions from other users within the community.
  • Knowledgebase - This database will allow existing customers to get answers.
  • Jumpstart Videos - These technical video tutorials will provide guidance and steps for users.
  • Screencams - The screen recordings will show example interfaces of customers who have simplified their user-interface using Synactive’s tools

To learn about the new SAP ERP design, and optimized packaged applications, a complimentary webinar titled, “Your Custom SAP PM and SD Made Easy in 21 Days” will be hosted by ASUG Events, on Thursday, Oct 16, from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Pacific Time.  The webinar will offer expert advice from DeeDee Kato, Senior Director of Marketing and Nikhil Keeppanasseril, Demo Solution Engineer.

For more information and to register for the webinar, visit ASUG Events (you must be an ASUG member to register).

For more information about Synactive Inc. and its Liquid UI platform, please visit

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