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New Senior Staff Expands BETA’s Reach and Capabilities

Andy Li, P.Eng. , B.Sc., General Manager China

Andy Li (李嘉栋) is responsible for supporting BETA’s China customers including application support, project delivery, service delivery, and staffing. Andy will manage and support BETA’s business activities throughout China. His focus will be to help our customers achieve high reliability and integrity in their production assets, and avoid vibration and downtime related problems.
Andy has a wealth of technical and application knowledge in the machinery and petroleum industry, both with onshore and offshore facilities. He has a strong technical background with compressors, engines, turbomachinery, and reliability. Li’s breadth of experience and leadership ensures timely response, knowledgeable support, and successful project execution.

Paul Crowther, MEng, CEng IMechE, Principal Engineer

Paul is a Technical Authority in BETA’s Piping Vibration and Integrity Group, which involves design, inspection, and consulting services related to static and transient piping vibration for onshore and offshore facilities. This includes requirements defined by the Energy Institute guideline (Avoidance of Vibration Induced Fatigue Failure), as well as many different advanced analysis services.

Paul is a Principal Engineer, with over 14 years of experience in advanced engineering analysis in Europe and the Middle East, where he has supervised large scale piping vibration projects. He is actively involved in industry committees, research, supervision and specialized engineering projects.

Paul is currently working in BETA’s Calgary office and will relocate to Malaysia in late 2015.

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