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New Sensor Brochure for Power Generation & Reciprocating Equipment Monitoring

The Power Generation & Reciprocating Equipment Monitoring brochure can be downloaded on the IMI Sensors website at:


Among the new products in the IMI Sensors brochure is model 357C90 high-temperature charge output accelerometer for gas turbine monitoring. IMI’s model 357C90 provides precision vibration measurement for gas turbines operating in extreme heat environments up to +1200°F (+649°C) and includes an integral 10-foot hardline cable. The updated brochure also includes IMI’s model 422M182 charge amplifier and model 495B30 differential charge amplifier used with IMI’s high-temperature pressure sensors to provide 24/7 combustion dynamics monitoring of gas turbines.

IMI Sensors specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative sensors and associated signal conditioning instrumentation to meet the demanding requirements of the energy and power generation industries. Whether involved with design evaluations, field testing, compressors and diesel engines, critical component or process monitoring, IMI provides comprehensive protection, condition, and performance monitoring solutions for all rotating machinery applications, including gas turbines, diesel & gas engines, reciprocating compressors, gas pipelines and wind turbines.

Please direct all technical inquiries to Eric Yax, Director of Sales and Marketing - Energy Division, phone: (716) 684-0002 extension 2377 or email eyax@pcb.com.

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About IMI Sensors

IMI Sensors, a PCB Piezotronics Division is dedicated to addressing the machinery vibration sensing needs for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and process control requirements. All IMI sensors and vibration switches are designed to withstand the rigors of harsh industrial environments. Included are sensors that interface directly with vibration data collectors and analysis equipment, as well as process monitoring equipment, PLC, DCS, alarm, and SCADA systems.  For more information about IMI Sensors please call us anytime at 800-959-4464, or visit www.imi-sensors.com.

About PCB® Piezotronics

PCB Piezotronics, Inc. is a global leader in the design and manufacture of force, torque, load, strain, pressure, acoustic and vibration sensors, as well as the pioneer of ICP® technology.  This instrumentation is used for test, measurement, monitoring, and feedback control requirements in automotive, aerospace, industrial, R&D, military, educational, commercial, and OEM applications. From ready-to-ship stock products, to custom-made specials, PCB proudly stands behind all products with services you value most, including 24-hour customer support, a strategic global distribution network, and the industry’s only commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction.  For more information about PCB® visit www.pcb.com.

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