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New SKF Machine Tool Observer MTx Serves as Single Device Connecting All Sensors

This flexible solution collects information about the accumulated condition levels of a machine tool via the connected sensors to provide intelligent monitoring with continuous recording and long-term storage of critical operating data.  The MTx can be used as a stand-alone unit or integrated into a control system, whether for OEM or end-user applications.  The technology ultimately supports preventive maintenance objectives by helping to detect operating abnormalities before they can escalate.

The system consists of a microcontroller-based electronics assembly with internal memory for data storage in real time.  The electronics assembly can be connected to up to six different sensor types for monitoring vibration, speed, temperature, humidity, eddy probes, and oil streak, among other parameters.  It supports a wide range of different types of sensors, where a maximum of 14 of these sensor types can be connected at the same time.  The system compiles detailed documentation of machine tool history and working conditions and enables traceability of incidents by accurately logging their duration, date, and time.

For parameterization and data presentation a sophisticated Server/Client software package has been developed for standard Ethernet (LAN) interface with DHCP/IP protocol.  The software package allows users to effectively manage and run multiple units installed on a PC, network, or over the Internet.  Each connected sensor can be monitored online for ongoing accessibility and shared evaluation.

The compact MTx is easy to install and requires minimal wiring.  In addition, two relay outputs can be configured for alarm or emergency stops and email alerts can be generated, based on predetermined sensor limits.

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