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New Trimble CX 3D Laser Scanner

The new Trimble CX 3D laser scanner with Trimble’s WAVEPULSE technology combines the high short-range accuracy of phase-shift technology with the low-noise sensitivity and high-distance characteristics of time-of-flight technology. The result is high-precision measurements over the full operating range that provides the clean 3D data needed for industrial plant scanning applications - allowing users to realize increased productivity and reduced operating costs.

With reliable scanning at 54,000 points per second and an 80 meter range with a 360 degree x 300 degree field of view, the solution provides widespread and efficient
data capture from a single setup. By requiring fewer setups to capture data within the industrial plant environment, the Trimble CX solution can contribute to improved worker safety.

Visit us at or inquire at the Trimble booth at Digital Plant 2010.

New Trimble RealWorks v6.5 with Automatic Target Extraction and Registration

Trimble RealWorks software provides an intuitive and efficient solution for integrating 3D laser scanner data into the plant lifecycle work process. Version 6.5 includes new features for the rapid management of 3D data including an automated target extraction and registration function for data collected with the Trimble FX and Trimble CX 3D laser scanners. The automated target extraction reduces the extraction and registration time from ~30 mins to ~3 mins for 2 x 5 target scans, which equates to a 90% time saving compared to manual techniques. In addition, the batch processing overnight can result in further time savings.

Trimble RealWorks v6.5 also provides additional tools to maximize your productivity for plant applications, including:
• Semi Automatic clearance checking measurement tool
• Color coded elevation rendering for improved visualization
• Export coordinates for modeled pipe centerlines

New Trimble RealWorks v6.5 Viewer with Measure and Annotation Capabilities

The Trimble RealWorks Viewer is downloadable software that allows owners and operators to freely visualize the data captured by their service providers. With Trimble RealWorks v6.5 you can perform basic measurements and attach annotations to the point cloud data. Maximize the visualization and information extracted from your 3D laser scanning data!

Visit us at or at the Trimble booth at Digital Plant 2010 for more information.

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