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Noliac Systems offers a variety of superior piezo transducer based accelerometers

Noliac Systems offers a variety of superior piezo transducer based accelerometers designed for specific applications. The standard range varies from high temperature accelerometers to industrial, shock, special purpose, and electronic purpose accelerometers. 

A piezoelectric accelerometer utilizes the piezoelectric effect of certain materials to measure dynamic changes in mechanical variables, e.g. acceleration, vibration, and mechanical shock. 

Vibration measurements and monitoring

As with all transducers, piezoelectric accelerometers convert one form of energy into another and provide an electrical signal in response to a quantity, property, or condition that is being measured.

Using the general sensing method upon which all accelerometers are based, acceleration acts upon a seismic mass that is restrained by a spring or suspended on a cantilever beam, and converts a physical force into an electrical signal. Before the acceleration can be converted into an electrical quantity it must first be converted into either a force or displacement.

Noliac’s piezoelectric vibration sensors type MH and ME are intended for general use in systems for vibration measurements and machine condition monitoring.

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