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NOMAC Selects Meridium RCMO to Meet Challenges of Global Power Industry

NOMAC, a joint venture between Sogex Oman Co. LLC and ACWA Power International of Saudi Arabia, delivers operation and maintenance services to public and private sector owners of power and desalination plants.

The global power industry has experienced substantial growth driven by a worldwide increase in demand for electrical power. This increased demand, partnered with more stringent environmental regulations, requires enabling existing and newly constructed facilities with methods to develop the most viable strategies to address capacity additions, expansions, retrofits and environmental compliance.

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is a proven methodology for optimizing maintenance strategies and utilizing maintenance resources effectively on the right jobs and maintenance activities that will improve safety, reduce downtime, increase production and reduce costs. Most RCM tools are stand-alone systems, disconnected from existing maintenance, inspection and operational systems. Meridium’s RCMO software is completely integrated within SAP®, built with SAP’s NetWeaverTM technology and was recently re-certified as SAP’s only endorsed business solution for reliability.

RCMO simplifies the process of implementing RCM recommendations in SAP, making it easy to measure performance and make adjustments over time ensuring reliability during construction phases, as well as improving equipment availability, plant maintainability, fuel and water availability, and environmental and safety compliance.

“NOMAC is committed to its clients’ requirement of high plant availability, reliability, efficiency and excellent performance records,” says Yousef Yahya Ayyash, NOMAC Corporate General Manager. “Providing the highest level of service to our customers requires the selection of world class resources - technical and human. The selection of Meridium’s RCMO is just one more example of NOMAC’s commitment to embrace new technologies for the continued improvement of the quality and performance of the services we offer our customers.”

“Meridium is excited to support NOMAC’s mission to maximize the satisfaction of their customers, thereby helping them to maintain the leading position as a world-class service company,” says Bonz Hart, Meridium founder and CEO. “Meridium and NOMAC share a common vision of exceeding customer expectations and providing high quality products and services to the global power industry.”

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