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NRX Reinforces its Leadership Position

TORONTO, CANADA - NRX Global Inc. today announced the release of Asset HubTM 6.0, the highly anticipated launch of its next generation Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM) solution.  Used by companies worldwide, Asset HubTM improves productivity and reduces operational, safety, and compliance risk over the full operating lifecycle of critical assets, and is the only ALIM Solution endorsed by SAP.

Asset HubTM 6.0 features a new Public API that significantly improves performance and reduces the cost of asset data interoperability with third party systems . The Asset Hub 6.0TM Public API opens new doors to provide the full lifecycle Asset Data Governance (ADG) and change management demanded by industry today.  The solution also works across the full ecosystem of asset centric systems employed by companies and system integrators through various industries worldwide.  Asset HubTM 6.0 also features robust performance improvements,  an extended data model, and efficiency improvements for creating and managing Maintenance Task Lists and Bills of Materials data.

“Asset HubTM 6.0 will open up new opportunities for our customers, business partners and system integrators to substantially reduce asset information management costs and extend the value of NRX Solutions to many new areas of their business,” said Jeff Bonnell, Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy. “We have invested the time and resources for this empowerment and we believe that through the availability of the Public API, our partners will be able to use their existing platforms to the full potential. Our goal is to create an open environment for software development in the ALIM arena and we are very excited to launch this industry-first offering.”

About NRX

NRX Global Inc is the worldwide leader in Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM) and Asset Data Governance (ADG) solutions.  Leading companies in asset intensive industries use NRX products to efficiently reduce the time and cost needed to achieve full production on complex capital projects. AssetHubTM and Maintenance MentorTM solutions offered by NRX significantly increase asset productivity and reduce operational, safety, and compliance risk over the full operating lifecycle of assets. NRX products are the only ALIM solutions endorsed by SAP.

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