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Olive-3 Technologies Announce On-Demand Editions of Total Manufacturing Management Solutions

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB)  Olive-3 Technologies, provider of the revolutionary webOps TOTALTM Supply Chain and Manufacturing Operations Management solutions, has announced September 20th 2010 as the release date for on-demand editions of webOps TMMTM powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX. The offerings are designed to help mid-size manufacturers to maximize their Return on Assets through optimization of maintenance policies, service & spare parts and maintenance schedules. The webOps TMMTM - TPM On-Demand Edition provides preventive and predictive maintenance management functionality, and supports Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) methodolody. The webOps TMMTM - EAM On-Demand Edition takes manufacturing asset management to the next level by delivering advanced capabilities that help to manage the entire asset life cycle from requisition to disposition.

“The manufacturing world is evolving, and businesses need technology solutions that are flexible enough to adjust with the changing environment,” said David Telford, director, Microsoft Dynamics Worldwide Manufacturing. “Olive-3 is helping to meet that need by introducing innovative solutions with Microsoft Dynamics that deliver specific components and interfaces specifically designed for their customers’ manufacturing industry.”

The webOps TMMTM product line delivers on the long-anticipated promise of bridging the gap between the enterprise and plant floor to help mid-size manufacturers to become world class organizations. “This is the next step in our product road-map to offer ‘easy-to-use’ and ‘affordable’ manufacturing solutions, whether they are delivered on-premise or on-demand” says Ali M. Aksut, President and Founder of Olive-3 Technologies. “There is tremendous value in the integration of production, maintenance, quality and inventory components with the enterprise operations, which is what we offer with the webOps TMMTM - ERP+ Edition. But we do recognize the market need for process centric point solutions. Each one of webOps TMMTM editions is designed to meet that need with the flexibility to upgrade and ultimately adopt a Total Manufacturing Management philosophy. This approach enables a small manufacturer to start with the webOps TMMTM - TPM On-Demand Edition to maximize asset availability and minimize maintenance costs with a very low cost of ownership, and later on add on-premise quality and production management components, eventually upgrading to webOps TMMTM - ERP+ Edition.”

The announcement came as part of Olive-3’s product development road-map review during the final webOps TMMTM launch event at Microsoft Technology Center in Mountain View, CA.

The current release of webOps TMMTM include the the following editions:

  • webOps TMMTM - ERP+ Edition
  • webOps TMMTM - Plant Floor Edition
  • webOps TMMTM - Enterprise Asset Management Edition
  • webOps TMMTM - Total Productive Maintenance Edition
  • webOps TMMTM - Total Quality Management Edition
  • webOps TMMTM - Manufacturing Intelligence & Analytics Edition

About Olive-3 Technologies

Olive 3 Technologies is the provider of the evolutionary webOps TOTALTM Supply Chain and Manufacturing Operations Management solutions. Leveraging decades of supply chain and manufacturing solution implementation expertise, and proprietary advanced decision support technology, Olive-3 designed webOps TOTALTM suite ground up based on the vision to deliver ‘usable’, ‘affordable’ and ‘supportable’ solutions to mid-market. The innovative architecture built around Microsoft Dynamics AX creates further economies of scale, and enables Olive-3 to offer webOps TOTALTM solutions with a low total cost of ownership that generates fast ROI for its customers. Olive-3’s customers include Skyworks, Microsemi and Microchip.

For more information about webOps TOTALTM and Olive-3 Technologies please call 888-723-3280, or contact: info(at)olive-3(dot)com.

Copyright© 2010, Olive-3 Technologies, LLC

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