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ORBIGate, the New Standard for Turbomachinery Vibration Testing

ORBIGate is for technicians and engineers dealing with turbines, compressors, pumps, gear boxes or other turbomachines who have issues with their rotor and bearing vibrations. It is also of interest to people working in a power plant, a chemical site or a turbomachinery service center. Now, orbits, shaft centre lines, Bode diagrams and many other displays are brought to the finger tips in the most user-friendly software environment!

OROS offers the latest technology for turbomachinery testing and can be combined with acoustic and structural solutions to offer a complete Noise & Vibe analysis package.

OROS has a long history of portable and rugged Noise and Vibration analyzers (3-Series, Mobi-Pack), and a wide range of Noise and Vibration testing solutions (Balancing, Modal 2). OROS now offers a dedicated software solution for turbomachinery vibration testing.

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