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Pedigree Technologies Announces Cloud-Based Equipment Maintenance Application

Fargo, ND (Vocus)

Pedigree Technologies released today the first cloud-based maintenance application capable of combining current and past equipment health data with maintenance history to schedule maintenance work by its owners, operators and service providers. Pedigree’s OneView Maintenance Manager uses real-time monitoring and historical data of sensor-enabled equipment to schedule maintenance. At the same time, the Maintenance Manager application centralizes maintenance records and work history in a single repository that remains tied to the equipment. The result is a cost-effective means for optimizing maintenance and moving from preventative to predictive maintenance.

Pedigree’s OneView Maintenance Manager is a turnkey solution for equipment monitoring, including cloud-based application software, tracking and monitoring hardware, as well as IT support. The solution provides a significant cost reduction over traditional client-server maintenance packages. Pedigree’s application gives service providers the ability to create new maintenance and repair contracts, and allows operations managers and equipment operators to effectively monitor and assess the performance of their equipment. Equipment operators can reduce equipment downtime, increase efficiencies, prevent equipment failures and even improve fuel efficiency (MPG) by as much as 25 percent.

“This is a powerful application for any company that owns, leases or services mobile equipment,” according to Alex Warner, CEO of Pedigree Technologies. “We are moving companies from preventative to predictive maintenance, which extends the life of capital equipment and lowers the cost of service.”

Pedigree Technologies’ OneView Maintenance Manager uses technology specifically designed to:

*    Continuously monitor all equipment and assets, regardless of manufacturer, including generators, compressors, heavy equipment, vehicles and any serviceable piece of equipment;
*    Schedule maintenance based on critical variables including engine hours and runtime, odometer readings, pre-determined hours or days in service, regularly scheduled calendar dates;
*    Combine performance-based alarms with satellite asset tracking to diagnose and dispatch service for mobile assets and field technicians;
*    Allow service technicians to respond faster, with remote diagnostics, reducing mean time to repair and the downtime for their customer;
*    Create monthly reports, including cost of operations, historical performance and operational efficiency; and ultimately,
*    Create a competitive advantage for service contractors, connecting with their customers’ equipment through on-going predictive maintenance.

“The Maintenance Manager application highlights our focus on closing the service loop, which is valuable to both the equipment owner and service contractor,” says Ian McPherson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Pedigree. “This also ensures that service and maintenance records are tied to the piece of equipment and available to everyone instead of remaining locked in the service companies’ record management system.”

The release of OneView’s Maintenance Manager underscores Pedigree’s commitment to developing solutions that allow companies of all sizes to improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and increase customer profits without significant investments in infrastructure or technology resources.

About Pedigree Technologies
Pedigree Technologies is a provider of cloud-based solutions that give organizations real-time visibility into operations and empower them to locate, track and control stationary and mobile assets worldwide. Built on a unique and scalable platform, Pedigree solutions provide an operations command center that increases operational efficiencies, improves workflow, manages inventories and logistics and maintains equipment-all in one simple system. For more information, visit

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