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Pempek Inc., Top Commercial Electrical Contractor, Now Provides Infrared Inspections

Online PR News -PALOS HEIGHTS, ILL. - Pempek, Inc., a leading commercial electrical contractor, is using cutting-edge technology to identify electrical problems early. With infrared thermography, Pempek electricians can use the heat produced by electricity to spot abnormalities in equipment.

“Infrared technology has revolutionized electrical inspections,” said Mike Pempek, vice president of Pempek, Inc. “At Pempek, our electricians are able to spot issues before they become major problems, all with minimum intrusion into your electrical system.”

Pempek’s trained electricians can use infrared cameras to inspect and repair in-floor electric radiant heating systems, circuit breaker panels, power transformers, motors, motor control centers, bus connections and controls for air compressors, boilers and cooling systems.

Because electrical problems often start small, it is important to catch them early, Pempek said. Infrared thermography allows Pempek electricians to scan an entire electrical network to spot warning signs, such as a loose or poor connection, that might be unnoticeable to the naked eye. Infrared cameras also help to identify circuit overloading and imbalances.

Pempek is widely considered a leading industrial electrical contractor, and the company specializes in an array of electrical contracting work. In addition, Pempek provides 24-hour emergency response services to ensure that a customer’s operations are uninterrupted.

“Infrared thermography equipment allows us to be more proactive in electrical maintenance,” Pempek said. “Rather than simply reacting to electrical emergencies, we can prevent them from occurring in the first place.”

About John J. Pempek, Inc.: Established in 1947, John J. Pempek is a leading Chicago electrical contractor. The company provides industrial and commercial contracting, machine service, high voltage service, color infrared thermography, and manufactures UL-registered custom industrial control panels. All services, starting from layout to installation to maintenance, are handled in-house by the firm.

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