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Petasense Launches New Asset Reliability & Optimization System

Petasense extends its predictive maintenance capabilities beyond vibration monitoring of rotating machines to support multiple sensor parameters across a wide range of industrial applications

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- May 16, 2018

Petasense today announced the launch of its new Asset Reliability & Optimization (ARO) System to help engineers and reliability professionals get the most out of their industrial assets. The ARO System comprises of plug-and-play industrial sensors, ARO Cloud and web & mobile applications. Petasense also launched the Transmitter, a wireless device that easily connects variety of sensors to the ARO System.

This announcement comes on the heels of rapid adoption of Petasense’s Vibration Motes and predictive maintenance software for monitoring the rotating asset health. With the new ARO System, clients can now monitor a wider set of assets like valves, electrical panels and steam traps. They can also gain deeper insights into the performance of their rotating assets by correlating vibration with other sensor inputs such as temperature, running speed and current.

“Just like the diagnosis of human health requires evaluation of multiple parameters like cholesterol levels, blood pressure and so on, similarly a complete understanding of machine health requires evaluation of multiple sensor inputs,” said Abhinav Khushraj, co-founder of Petasense.

The Petasense ARO Cloud provides multi-parametric sensor data visualization and analytics, powered by machine learning. It has been built to process and analyze multivariate time-series sensor data. The ARO Cloud also integrates with external systems like data historians and EAM using HTTP and AMQP protocols. The Cloud also powers a real-time events framework that provides flexibility and control to set alarms and notifications.

“Petasense is simplifying the Industrial IoT by making use of wireless sensing and machine learning,” noted Chris Karwick, Division Manager Generation at Silicon Valley Power. “We are implementing their ARO System because it is a comprehensive system for asset reliability that would have a far reaching impact on our operations.”

Petasense has also introduced its Transmitter, a wireless plug-and-play I/O device that connects to most 4-20 mA or 0-30V industrial sensors and securely sends data to the ARO Cloud over WiFi. Additionally, it has launched several sensors to work with the Transmitter including vibration, temperature, current, ultrasound and pressure. The Transmitter gives users the flexibility to pick sensors of their choice and quickly connect them to the Internet without expensive wiring and complex networking. The Transmitter is a compact Apple TV-sized device that can be installed in minutes. It is waterproof (IP67 rated) and designed for Class 1 Division 2 hazardous locations (certification pending).

The Petasense ARO System along with the Transmitter is available for purchase immediately. It has been deployed at several customer sites in power generation, critical facilities and pharmaceuticals. To learn more schedule a demo today.

About Petasense:

Petasense is a Silicon Valley-based, venture-backed, IIoT company that was founded with a vision of making industrial machines smarter. Clients include industry leaders like JLL, SVP, C&W Services.

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