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Pinpoint Laser Systems new right 90-Line Square Plane

The 90-Line Square Plane is placed into the path of the laser reference beam and forms a precise right angle laser reference beam for checking alignment and taking measurements. The nosepiece of the 90-Line, and the right angle laser beam projected from it, can be turned through a full 360° rotation to define a flat reference plane. This is ideal for checking the squareness and flatness of flanges, press plates, rolls and web handling equipment, machine tools and many other precision alignment tasks.

The 90-Line Square Plane is machined from a solid block of aluminum and covered with a hard anodized coating for years of reliable use on the factory floor. A fine adjustment knob helps position the laser at long distances and a lock secures the beam in place. The housing for the 90-Line has a variety of tapped mounting holes and machined reference surfaces for added versatility when working with production equipment. The 90 Line Square Plane and the Laser Microgage provide precise measurements accurate to 0.0001 inch (2.5 micron) and can be used over ranges up to 180 feet (55 meters). A digital interface connects directly to a laptop or PC for downloading readings and generating alignment and measuring reports. The Microgage line is highly versatile and be used for many industrial applications and small enough to fit into a compact storage case.

All Pinpoint products are designed and manufactured here in the United States and allow industry and manufacturing firms to optimize their equipment and reduce downtime while increasing profits with improved machinery alignment.  

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