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Planning Paramount for Imminent Asset Management Industry Standards

John Hardwick, who was recently appointed Chairman of the GFMAM said “The asset management discipline has rapidly grown over the past ten years and a number of approaches and models have been developed across the world. The GFMAM projects will support the common approach that the international Standard will provide and will equip organisations to begin the move towards this new approach.”

The GFMAM has initiated and developed two projects, The Asset Management Landscape and The Accord, to support the pending release of the international Standard, with both projects led by GFMAM members the Asset Management Council (Australia) and the Institute of Asset Management (United Kingdom).

The Asset Management Landscape is a tool that promotes a common global approach to Asset Management. The landscape includes a number of conceptual models, a list of Asset Management Subjects and a framework for describing best practices, maturity and standards, and allows organisations and practitioners to see how and where their models and practices fit.

The Accord will develop a process for assessing the relevance and comparing the contents of asset management qualifications in anticipation of the new ISO standard for Asset Management. The Accord will provide employing organisations, employees and others with guidance and information to help them make informed choices between vocational, professional and academic qualifications in asset management. To date, an assessment process and criteria have been drafted together with the asset management qualifications framework which will be used to compare qualifications and provide Accord users with a comparison service. It is an accreditation process that provides recognition to assess against standard vocational, professional and academic qualifications in asset management.

John Hardwick further explains that “Organisations must begin the transition phase now in anticipation for the international Standard ISO 55000 which will be released in 2014. We need to take action and prepare for the new global asset management landscape. We must understand any consequences and flow-on effects now in order to minimise risks. This will mean that asset owners will be required to modify how their facilities are managed and the expected standards delivered by service providers will be redefined.”

Mr. Hardwick is the Executive Manager, Maintenance and Replacement Planning for Ausgrid (formally known as EnergyAustralia, NSW) where he leads a team implementing strategic asset management initiatives, systems and process.

A firm supporter of the asset management discipline and the sustainable asset performance and revenue it provides, John has been a member of the Asset Management Council for over ten years. During this time he has been the recipient of the Leadership Award (2002) and has led his team to receiving Silver (2005) and to achieving Gold (2009) in the Asset Management Awards. John is the current National Chairman after holding previous roles as the Vice National Chair and Sydney Chapter Chair.

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