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POLARIS Named Fluid Analysis Provider for Industry’s Largest International Oil Distributor Group

According to AIOD Executive Director Doug Roberts, the Purus Assurance System allows the Purus distributors’ customers to identify minor equipment problems before they become major failures. “By identifying dirt, wear particles and other contaminants that can cause failure or prematurely shorten equipment life, users can increase equipment reliability and minimize downtime.”

Bryan Debshaw, POLARIS Laboratories CEO, said Purus Assurance supports customer support goals both companies share. “We both work to provide our customers with something more than the products we sell,” Debshaw said. “Value-added services, like fluid analysis, demonstrate our commitment and concern for their success. And the key to successful fluid analysis is utilizing the data to reduce downtime, improve reliability and increase profitability.”

AIOD is the industry’s largest international marketing group with 41 independently owned distributors and 79 distribution facilities in North America. The Purus commercial and industrial product line consists of high-performance synthetic and synthetic blend diesel engine oils, diesel exhaust fluid, gear oils and transmission fluids, and hydraulic fluids. This extensive line of lubricants and related products caters to fleet managers and owner-operators in industrial, natural gas, mining and quarry applications. AIOD also markets a comprehensive offering of automotive lubricants, antifreeze/coolants, filters, chemicals and service products under the Service Pro brand.

POLARIS Laboratories provides complete testing and analysis for oils, fuels, coolants and water-based fluids. Its customer base is diverse with a heavy emphasis on the transportation, construction, mining and oil and gas industries.

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