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Predictive Service Introduces Interactive, Online Reliability and Predictive Maintenance Training

Cleveland, Ohio (PRWEB) October 21, 2009—Predictive Service, LLC, a global leader in providing managed predictive services, announces the launch of the Predictive Service Institute for online training in reliability and predictive maintenance. The institute is initially offering 18 live, interactive courses across a variety of subjects, with the first course beginning November 6.

The Predictive Service Institute is offering a number of introductory courses that typically last from 45 minutes to two hours. It also offers several in-depth, collegiate-style online courses that meet twice a week for a semester and provide continuing education credit for students who maintain a Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP) accreditation.

All courses are taught by instructors with extensive field experience and advanced education in condition-based maintenance. Courses are enhanced by the latest in interactive technologies, with live demonstrations, online exams, interaction between students and instructors through two-way audio, video and text, and live sharing of case studies. Each course session is recorded for later review.

“Online training through the Predictive Service Institute offers a convenient, cost-effective way to stay on top of the most advanced predictive technologies for certification or to get general knowledge of a topic,” said Don Frankel, president, Predictive Service. “Each course combines the benefits of interactive learning with the most qualified instructors in the field.”

Courses offered include:

  • Rolling Element Bearings - Vibration Analysis (introductory)
  • Criticality Assessments (introductory)
  • Time Waveform Analysis (introductory)
  • Condition Monitoring Program Selection (introductory)
  • PdM Technologies (introductory)
  • Proactive Maintenance Management (4 sessions)
  • Machine Theory - Pumps, Fans and Compressors (4 sessions)
  • Introduction to Applied Vibration Analysis (semester)
  • Advanced Applied Vibration Analysis (semester)
  • IR 1000 - Qualitative and Quantitative (semester)

(For a complete course listing, visit

Predictive Service partnered with Pioneer Engineering to develop the courses for the Predictive Service Institute. Pioneer Engineering provides solutions and training in the fields of reliability engineering and mechanical design and analysis.

“With our online technology, students and instructors can actually interact more than in a classroom setting,” said Mitch Stansloski, PE, president, Pioneer Engineering. “Courses also feature disruptive learning, where students take frequent online quizzes to assess their progress before the opportunity for knowledge transfer is missed.”

Stansloski said that online courses slow learning down and allow for better absorption compared to in-person training because they are delivered over time and not all at once. “They also don’t require travel costs or major lost time from work,” he added.

About Predictive Service
Predictive Service is a leader in providing managed predictive services across the country and around the world. Predictive Service helps multi-location, multi-national clients keep their facilities operating reliably, safely and efficiently. By inspecting essential facility systems, including electrical, mechanical, process, roofing, and structural systems on a scheduled basis, critical issues are identified before costly failures occur. ViewPoint®, Predictive Service’s patented web-based software system allows clients to access information about facilities, essential infrastructure systems, and individual assets from anywhere, anytime. Predictive Service is an EnergyStar partner based in Cleveland, Ohio and was named one of the fastest-growing companies in the country by Inc. Magazine. Additional information about Predictive Service is available at 

About Pioneer Engineering
Pioneer Engineering is an engineering services company dedicated to providing solutions and training in the fields of reliability engineering and mechanical design and analysis. Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, Pioneer Engineering offers unsurpassed service with state-of-the-art technology. Additional information about Pioneer Engineering is available at

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