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Pro Fuse – the Smart Choice for Electrical Protection

The fuse is recognised as a proven technology – yet its evolution is continuous, with ongoing investment in design and engineering in order to adapt the technology for important new applications and emerging market needs.

The benefits of fuses and fuse-based devices are significant for anyone involved with the electrical industry – as well as for its consumers. The primary benefits are the guaranteed safety of users and assured reliability of the installation - plus cost savings in terms of design, purchase and maintenance. As well as protecting against overcurrents and their associated risks, fuses also offer considerable environmental benefits, including their ability to be recycled.

Founded in 1998, Pro Fuse International is a global association that champions and advocates use of the fuse and fuse technology. Comprising leading companies involved in the design and manufacture of fuses and fuse-based equipment, Pro Fuse was established in order to inform, educate and guide the industry in the vital role played by the fuse as the leading method of protecting electrical circuits, and the equipment and installations that have become an essential part of modern life.

We live in a world where the consumption of electricity is forecast to grow exponentially and so, therefore, is the requirement for the optimum electrical protection. The significant benefits offered by fuses and fuse-based devices need to be fully appreciated and understood by all those involved in the electrical industry at all levels, whether student or experienced professional.

Our remit is to share the collective expertise of our members to better promote fuse technology and applications by encouraging dialogue between industry professionals, promoting events and conferences as well as using our online resources including technical articles, videos and presentations. More than ever, the fuse is today’s solution for a growing number of electrical applications.

To learn how your organisation could benefit from the latest advances in fuse technology – ensuring user safety, guaranteeing reliability and generating cost savings – visit the Pro Fuse website or contact a member of the team to discuss your current installation and forthcoming projects.

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