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Prometheus Group Announces Asset Master Data Solution

RALEIGH, N.C., Dec. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/—Prometheus Group, a leading enterprise asset optimization application solution provider, today announced the expansion of its portfolio with its Master Data Solution (MDS) offering for use with SAP and other third-party systems.

MDS is an easy to use application that facilitates asset optimization through master data harmonization and real-time governance in an enterprise asset management (EAM) environment. MDS standardizes items such as materials, functional locations and equipment to establish quality data and enforce best practices. The MDS platform delivers an environment to accelerate the process of establishing quality master data standards and synchronizing existing data types to sustain effective asset optimization strategies. Also, MDS has the unique capability to enforce ongoing governance of master data intellectual property in real time.

Built upon Prometheus Group’s unmatched EAM software and process expertise, MDS “learns” from all cleansers on a project collaboratively to accelerate identification and extraction of existing data and mapping to harmonized definitions. The solution also provides built-in integrity checks at each step to enforce the use of industry standards and prevents the possibility of duplicate data being added. In addition, Prometheus MDS can support multiple language translations to drive value for organizations with global sites.

This solution enables organizations to reduce costs and manage risk by providing asset management professionals with access to quality data, which is essential to the timely execution of critical processes. Prometheus MDS is ideal for a range of initiatives where establishing and enforcing best practices in master data governance is mission critical, including:

  • Implementing a new EAM system 
  • Upgrading from a legacy system
  • Merging EAM systems due to acquisitions or other consolidation activities
  • Cleansing existing data and providing for ongoing governance

“Effective harmonization and governance of master data is a strategic cornerstone for organizations optimizing assets to drive competitive advantage,” said Scott Grisanti, Chief Operating Officer. “MDS provides a robust, cost effective platform to establish and maintain an effective master data infrastructure.  MDS extends the reach of Prometheus solutions beyond the SAP ecosystem and leverages our expertise by delivering a platform optimized for the unique master data synchronization and governance challenges of asset intensive organizations.”

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