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Reduce the true long term cost of your reliability program with Ranger

Knoxville, TN, November 9, 2010 – Commtest releases Ranger, a permanent condition monitoring system that can be built as an entirely wireless installation at Solutions 2.0 in Florida today. Wireless ability gives a flexible twist to permanently mounted installations, a move that may save you money in the long term.

When considering the true cost of your reliability program, the flexibility to monitor and detect faults on industrial machinery is paramount. Traditional wired modules take considerable time and expense to install, and any attempt to move these permanently mounted modules incurs further time and cost. Ranger’s wireless capability has all the benefits of a traditional wired module and the flexibility to move wireless sensors to provide information where it’s most needed. Temporary installations are now possible and financially viable.

A great deal of machinery operates in dangerous or remote environments where it’s simply impractical to install wiring safely, or the cost of doing so is prohibitive. The cost of installing a traditional wired modules is weighed against the risk of potential machinery damage and costly downtime. Ranger solves this dilemma, offering a cost effective way of including this machinery in your condition monitoring program. The entire system can be built using wireless data collection modules, or a combination or wireless and wired modules used, as each Ranger installation is built specific to each site.

Hidden costs that can often be overlooked when purchasing vibration equipment are the cost of upgrades, support, and service of the system. How much will your condition monitoring needs change over time? Ranger is a scalable system, adding in and moving around new modules as your needs change, reducing the long term cost of installing a permanent system. Equipment is easily upgraded in the field, and support readily available. The wireless Ranger Sensors have a battery life of 18 months, while all modules (excluding sensor batteries) come under Commtest’s 5 year warranty.

Ranger will also help your track your corporate and facility goals with accurate and relevant reporting, allowing you to track improvements over time, set measurement criteria and alarms with Commtest’s award winning Ascent software. Customers with existing Commtest portable devices and wired modules do not need to purchase additional software to run Ranger.

Wireless technology brings a flexibility to permanent reliability programs that is truly revolutionary. Invest in a machine health information system that will continue to meet the needs of your company now and in the future with Ranger.

Contact: Rod Acklin
Commtest Instruments Ltd
Phone: 865 588-2946 or toll free 877 582-2946
Fax: 865 588-2949

About Commtest Instruments Ltd

Commtest is the world leading designer of machinery health information systems. We’re passionate about creating simple, intelligent systems that give our customers access to the information they need to keep their machinery operating in optimum condition and meeting corporate goals. Commtest has offices in the USA, China, Dubai and New Zealand.

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