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Relegen Unveils Biggest Upgrade Program Yet for AssetDNA

Relegen, a leading supplier of people and technology solutions to Defence, government, mining and industry, today announced that it was working on a series of significant upgrade releases for its flagship enterprise asset intelligence product, assetDNA. In what will be the biggest set of updates since the launch of assetDNA, upcoming versions will introduce an array of incredible new features and enhancements including extensive multi-lingual capabilities, a sleek modern graphic user interface [GUI], a full-featured web edition, expanded support for Windows tablets and more. These enhancements will deliver benefits across the entire platform including the assetDNA desktop/server version, assetDNA mobile, tablet and touchscreen applications and the web-based edition.

“It is an exciting time for Relegen” said Paul Bennett, Relegen’s founder and Managing Director. “These upgrades to our enterprise intelligence platform represent a significant, long-term investment and have been drawn from many years work by our team and input from our active user community. The result will be a powerful suite of tools that deliver new levels of usability, functionality, and more flexible deployment options to help enterprises gain new insights into their assets so they can make better decisions that drive utilisation, availability, productivity and extend their competitive edge.”

The major upgrade program will be rolled-out progressively over the next few months. The first set of upgrades will commence delivery with assetDNA V2.8 and be released to customers from April 2015. This will be followed by assetDNA V3 in second half of the year which will deliver a re-designed modern front-end GUI and the release of a full-featured, stand-alone browser-based web application which can be hosted on or off-premises.

Commencing from assetDNA V2.8 onwards, new and enhanced feature highlights will include:

• Extensive multi-lingual support to meet the needs of today’s diverse global enterprises
• A powerful wizard builder for developing templates to capture specific sets of asset information and drive repeatable, predictable processes which improve productivity and data quality
• New options for restructuring the asset tree-view so users can be presented with an asset structure that meets their functional requirements
• Improved email notifications, triggers and alert capabilities for delivering critical asset information to the right individuals
• New visual data analysis tools for exploring and comparing assets and attribute values over time
• New assetDNA mobile rounds app which can be used to automate the collection of infield, operational and transactional data
• New attribute validation feature which can automatically alert or warn when a value falls outside of a range. E.g. A user can setup an alert for when an assets operating temperature moves outside of the normal range
• Improved useability and security of asset intelligence reports
• New report builder tool which enables users to create their own ad hoc reports
• A new events console that is ready-to-deploy as a touchscreen application and can be used for managing condition monitoring, shutdown/restart procedures and more
• Expanded support for MS Windows tablets [such as a ruggedised Toughbook] up to MS Windows 8

assetDNA V3 new and enhanced feature highlights will include:

• A re-designed front-end GUI which makes assetDNA even easier and more intuitive to use
• A new full-featured, stand-alone web-edition offering organisations more flexible deployment options.

Relegen will be expanding upon these exciting new and enhanced features in a series of announcements over the coming weeks and months.

Upgrade availability
assetDNA V2.8 and subsequent updates will be available from April 2015 onwards and assetDNA V3 is scheduled for release in the second half of the year. assetDNA users on active subscription will gain access to these updates as part of their license agreement at no additional cost. Customers will have the flexibility to choose the best timing for their organisation to migrate to the new releases as it matches the needs of their business. For further questions, please contact the assetDNA sales team on +61 (0)2 9998 9000 or

About assetDNA®
Developed by practicing engineers in mission-critical environments, assetDNA is a complete asset intelligence technology solution that helps organisations improve their approach to enterprise asset management. assetDNA integrates easy-to-use software, mobile, tablet and touchscreen applications, asset tags [Barcodes, HF & UHF RFIDs, covert security microdots, direct part marking], commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and Relegen professional services. It’s easy to integrate with corporate systems - EAMs, ERPs, CMMS’s - as well as SCADA systems, geospatial applications and more. Asset intelligence deployments range from the issue and receipt of armoury, PPE and IT equipment, automated workflows for asset inspections and certification, through to sophisticated systems for managing asset-intensive operations in defence, mining and more. Implementation can be as simple as the new out-of-the-box assetDNA Pilot Kit or a fully-customised system finely tuned to business needs. For more information, visit

About Relegen Pty Ltd [Developer of assetDNA]
Relegen Pty Ltd has a proven track record of supplying people and enterprise intelligence technology solutions to the Australian Defence Force since 2001. Today, our expertise is leveraged by clients operating in asset-intensive industries including mining, government, manufacturing, utilities and more across Australia and around the world. We are an accredited Major Service Provider to the DMOSS Panel,  a key divisional supplier to DMO Maritime, ISO 9001 certified and a preferred partner to top tier firms. Our enterprise intelligence technology solutions - assetDNA and riskDNA - help organisations unify critical enterprise information silos into a single, authoritative point of truth. Organisations can use this new-found intelligence to support faster, smarter decisions that reduce enterprise risk, maximise return on assets and drive better business performance. For more information, visit

Relegen, assetDNA, riskDNA and C2RI are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Relegen Pty Ltd. All other trademarks, service marks, and product or service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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