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Reliability Cooperative Announced

TekTrakker Information Systems LLC is pleased to announce the formation of industry and product specific Data Cooperatives focused on capturing and reporting reliability issues unique to an industry or product type.

Members in Data Cooperatives benefit from the shared wisdom of their peers by sharing repair and failure information they currently capture for their own operations. TekTrakker coordinates this collaboration by serving as a clearing house for gathering and reporting in a secure and anonymous fashion. The result is a database of failure rates and supporting data accessible exclusively to members of the cooperatives for their use in product and service selection, operational optimization, and cost control.

Reliability data is made available to members in the form of web access or hardcopy reporting. The reliability (failure rate) of all equipment reported is compared across multiple levels allowing easy comparison of each member to all other Members. Members with data access plans have a wider view including all products reported in various comparisons against each other by model, function, and manufacturer. Comprehensive part level data shows a final level of detail.

Data Cooperatives may be formed at any time by interested organizations willing to share their data for mutual benefit and comparison of the industry overall statistics. TekTrakker works with user groups, trade associations, consultants, repair and service companies, as well as end users to bring the value of reliablity benchmarking and monitoring of hardware quality to the industry.

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