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Please use your business email address if applicable Announces Addition of Asset Performance Management Summit Co-located Event

“If you believe that maintenance can be a strategy for business success, a profit center rather than a cost center, then you need an asset performance management system” Sandra DiMatteo, Bentley Systems

[Fort Myers, FL, 7/23/2019 ]® has announced that the Asset Performance Management (APM) Summit will be added as a co-located event at MaximoWorld 2019, A Reliabilityweb Event. MaximoWorld is the foremost asset knowledge leadership conference in North America. The conference will be held August 6-8, with a pre-conference benchmarking roundtable August 5, at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Industry experts are clear about the value of APM. According to Mark Benak at Uptake Technologies, Inc., “Asset performance management leverages machine, operational and other data sources, combined with artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and machine learning, to improve the reliability and availability of assets. The discipline includes the visualization and presentation of insights for better business decisions to drive down costs and derive greater production value from these assets.”

Similarly, Mark Confer at Siemens Energy says that “APM automates the entire maintenance process by consolidating all equipment data sources, digital and human-based. The APM system processes this data based on the embedded engineering analysis and connects directly to the operation’s computerized maintenance or enterprise asset management system (CMMS or EAM) to generate automatic work planning for implementation. It is a fully automated loop of information flowing back and forth from the EAM system to prioritize maintenance actions.”

Finally, Bentley Systems’ Sandra DiMatteo states, “If you believe that maintenance can be a strategy for business success, a profit center rather than a cost center, then you need an asset performance management system.”

Speaking about MaximoWorld, ARC Advisory Group’s Ralph Rio was equally positive: “MaximoWorld brings together a unique blend of users, service providers, suppliers of add-on products, and partners that represent the ecosystem of support for those using or planning to use a software program. If you are involved in asset management and the application of a CMMS or EAM, this has become the must- attend event.”

But technology can’t do it all. As ARC Advisory Group’s Paula Hollywood states, “IIoT technology is not a magic bullet for successful asset performance management. Applying digital tools to defective or inefficient work processes will continue to yield the same result. The role of the organization – culture, processes and people – remain the biggest indicators of success.” Because it also covers key topics such as decision making and maintenance planning and scheduling, and draws a wide range of participants including business executives, technical users, functional users, and process experts from a range of industries, the APM Summit at MaximoWorld will allow organizations to best leverage their use of CMMS or EAM platforms.

More information about MaximoWorld and registration is available  here.


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