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Please use your business email address if applicable Announces Four New Book Titles

Asset Strategy Management ASMx: A Leader’s Guide to Reliability Transformation in the Digital Age by Jason Apps provides a structured process for managing reliability strategies. Asset strategy management (ASM) is a transformative framework for continuous reliability improvement. The book describes the value ASM brings to an organization, why it’s needed, what it involves and how to implement it.

10 Minutes a Week to Great Time Management by Joel Levitt offers a strategic overview of time management. Organized around a new three-part model, it will transform the way leaders view their time. It demonstrates that high-priority work is much more important in achieving goals than low-priority work, and it shows leaders how to gain time to think.

A Common Sense Approach to Defect Elimination by Ron Moore is a guide for engaging employees in defect elimination. Simple problems should not be solved with complex solutions. Instead, to solve problems at work, ask the people doing the work. When employees tell you about defects, they can be involved in creating solutions, which builds engagement and ownership in turn.

Practical Fluid Analysis in the 21 st Century by Jack Poley describes the entire fluid analysis (Fa) process, from concept to ROI. In addition to offering all the information necessary for creating   world-class Fa program, it provides insight into the need to maintain condition monitoring as an overarching practice for all forms of non-destructive testing of machinery health.

Each of these books will help maintenance and reliability leaders become safer and more successful, and they should be required reading for anyone interested in professional development or seeing their organization succeed.

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