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Reliabilityweb.com’s Solutions 2.0 Commences w/Keynote Address by US Sugar CEO Robert H .Buker

Solutions 2.0 combines learning tracks for maintenance, reliability and operations professionals to support overall organizational performance. Mr. Buker will illustrate U.S. Sugar’s new business model which is based around highly automated processes, maximum utilization of machine and human assets, reliable equipment and low production costs.

Organizations have one primary aim, and both the operations and maintenance departments must work in unison to achieve overall performance both in terms of lowering cost and increasing availability. Leading companies use advanced reliability strategies combined with cultural change to leverage human and physical assets for a competitive business advantage.

“Finding an executive leader like Mr. Buker who understood and created the context for reliability superiority as an enabler of operational excellence is rare. His generous offer to share the story of the company’s journey is even rarer” states Terrence O’Hanlon, CEO and Publisher of Reliabilityweb.com and Uptime Magazine. “Enlightened leadership understands the positive impact of reliability on organizational performance and Mr. Buker put a structure in place that amplified employee pride and ensured departments worked in cooperation toward one goal. This is the kind of leadership people should be acquainted with because it keeps healthy companies operating competitively right here in the USA. I wish Mr. Buker could share his message with the leaders of all Fortune 500 companies and our leaders in Washington DC; American companies and workers can be cost competitive, and they are the best in the world.”

Following Mr. Buker’s Keynote, Solutions 2.0 includes Certificate Workshops by leading authors and subject matter experts and over 60 case studies covering Operational Excellence, Reliability Strategies, Predictive Maintenance and Machinery Lubrication.

As part of Solutions 2.0, a Reliabilityweb.com Charity Golf Tournament is being held on November 8 at Raptor Bay Golf Course to benefit the Autism Society

For more information please visit http://www.maintenanceconference.com

About Reliabilityweb.com:

Reliabilityweb.com (https://reliabilityweb.com) includes a network of maintenance and reliability web sites serving over 55,000 maintenance and reliability professionals from around the world. Reliablityweb.com also publishes Uptime Magazine a bi-monthly publication for maintenance and reliability professionals. It is also the home of the Reliability Performance Institute, a training center focused on reliability learning events located in Fort Myers, Florida. The network serves as a resource for Senior Reliability Executives, Plant Managers, Maintenance Managers and Reliability Engineers. Online tutorials, articles, case histories and news items are updated daily.

About US Sugar

U.S. Sugar Corporation (http://www.ussugar.com) is one of the nation’s largest producers of sugarcane and refined cane sugar. Located in South Florida nears the shores of Lake Okeechobee, U.S. Sugar farms more than 180,000 acres of sugarcane and citrus. U.S. Sugar’s Clewiston Sugar Factory is the world’s largest, fully integrated cane sugar processing and refining operation.

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