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Reliable Manufacturing Announces New Root Cause Analysis Workshop

Reliable Manufacturing has developed the Root Cause Analysis workshop as a result of increasing demand from customers.  This is the first in a series of workshops designed to provide organisations with a simple and effective approach for solving complex problems. 

“It is a tried and tested common sense approach,” says Reliable Manufacturing client, Graham Laverick of Huntsman Tioxide. “When you have complex problems, the last thing you need is a complex problem solving tool as well.”

The new workshop is a natural extension to Reliable Manufacturing’s extensive capabilities in organisation cultural change and Reliability. Rather than train a small group of individuals to be highly skilled in Root Cause Analysis, the workshop is designed to establish a problem solving culture throughout the organisation, from top floor to shop floor. It allows businesses to develop a common methodology and language at all levels, equipping them to make problem solving quicker and easier, and to prevent problems from reoccurring.

During the event delegates will learn how to create effective cause maps,  which help them to identify and analyse the root causes of real-life problems within their organisations.  “Many Root Cause Analysis solutions require you to purchase expensive Cause Mapping software,” says Reliable Manufacturing Managing Director, Andrew Fraser.  “Whereas, our methodology uses the readily available capabilities within Microsoft Excel. It is both easy to use and shop floor-friendly.”

The delegate fee for the event is £595 +VAT.  For more details and a booking form visit or call Andrew Fraser on +44 (0) 7967 644852.

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