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Reliable Manufacturing Announces the Next Operations Excellence Master Class

The Master Class, jointly led by Andrew Fraser, Managing Director of Reliable Manufacturing, and principal consultant Ron Moore, will explore the strategies and practices that underpin some of the world’s best manufacturing and distribution companies. Through inspiring case studies, attendees will see how the world’s best operations achieve maximum production capacity, and will have the opportunity to benchmark their own plant’s capabilities against best-in-class.

“The Master Class provides delegates with straightforward and practical advice on how to implement changes in operations and maintenance, in order to maximise process uptime, eliminate unplanned downtime, improve quality and minimise costs” explains Fraser, who has over 30 years experience in Maintenance, Operations and Change Management roles and specialises in helping clients change from reactive to proactive operating cultures.

Principal Consultant Ron Moore is an internationally recognised authority on Reliability and Operations Excellence. He is author of books, “Making Common Sense Common Practice” and “What Tool? When? - A Management Guide for Selecting the Right Manufacturing Improvement Tools.”

As businesses are met with the conflicting challenge of reducing costs and simultaneously driving business efficiency, the Master Class will show how market leaders achieve low cost performance not through cost cutting, but through relentless pursuit of defect elimination, asset productivity and workforce engagement.

“The biggest challenge businesses face when implementing Operations Excellence, is bringing with it the required cultural change,” acknowledges Fraser. “But, like most big changes, the key is to break it down into a series of small tasks.” The Master Class offers practical advice on how to align leadership to a common strategy and engage the whole organisation by driving change through small improvements.

The fee for a delegate to attend the event is £695 +VAT. For more details and to book online visit or contact Andrew Fraser +44 (0) 7967 644852.

About Reliable Manufacturing

Reliable Manufacturing is a reliability-based change management consultancy, helping global clients from a wide variety of industrial sectors realise superior business results.

We are specialists in delivering performance improvement through the implementation of operations and maintenance best practices, which facilitate organisational cultural change. Our pragmatic approach delivers improved asset availability, reduced operating costs, improved HSE performance and increased employee motivation and satisfaction.

Change is delivered through tailored programmers, and we work at all levels of client organisations to equip the leadership and engage staff in the practices, systems and behaviours that assure outstanding operational performance.

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