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Reliable Manufacturing reveals date of new What Tool? When? Master Class

Facilitator, Ron Moore

There are hundreds of different improvement tools designed to enhance operational performance on the market today - Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and Root Cause Analysis, to name but a few.  With this multiplicity of methodologies available it is hardly surprising that many become bewildered when selecting the improvement tool most appropriate to their business.

This master class is designed to simplify the selection process by assessing the leading improvement methodologies and providing tips on when best to use them.  During the event, delegates will have the opportunity to assess their own situations and begin the tool selection process, developing an action plan to implement their learning within their organisation.

In addition to a detailed assessment of the leading improvement tools, the master class will also educate delegates on the importance of foundational operations excellence and selecting the improvement areas which present the greatest opportunity for advancement.  The issue of how to maximise benefits and make them sustainable over a longer term period will also be addressed.

Andrew Fraiser“A lot of companies achieve tangible benefits using these improvement methodologies, only to find they are disappearing within a year or two,” says Reliable Manufacturing Managing Director, Andrew Fraser.  “Our master class teaches how to make these benefits sustainable over the long term.”

The Master Class will be led by Reliable Manufacturing’s Andrew Fraser and Ron Moore.  Ron is one of the world’s foremost authorities on manufacturing & operations excellence and is author of the books “Making Common Sense Common Practice” and “Selecting the Right Manufacturing Improvement Tools.”  Andrew has over thirty years experience in maintenance, operations and change management roles, and specialises in the delivery of change management projects which help clients change from reactive to proactive operating cultures.

About Reliable Manufacturing

Reliable Manufacturing is a reliability-based change management consultancy, helping global clients from a wide variety of industrial sectors realise superior business results.

We are specialists in delivering performance improvement through the implementation of operations and maintenance best practices, which facilitate organisational cultural change.  Our pragmatic approach delivers improved asset availability, reduced operating costs, improved HSE performance and increased employee motivation and satisfaction.

Change is delivered through tailored programmes, and we work at all levels of client organisations to equip the leadership and engage staff in the practices, systems and behaviours that assure outstanding operational performance.

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