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Reliable Manufacturing to Present at the 2015 International Applied Reliability Symposium, Europe

Fraser will be opening day two of the conference on April 22, with a presentation on ‘Using Reliability to Unlock Sustainable Business Success’. During the hour-long session, Fraser will be arguing that reliability cannot be driven by the maintenance organisation. “It must be driven by the operating units, and led from the top,” he says. “The productivity gains that can be made from this approach speak for themselves, with some companies achieved returns on investment of up to ten to one.”

The presentation will explain why ‘a reliable plant is a safe plant, is a cost effective plant’ and thus why reliability should receive the same level of executive attention as safety. Fraser will discuss how this can be achieved through a company-wide culture of reliability offering delegates proven and practical advice on how to engage and win the support of all levels of their organisation, from the executive to the shop floor.

“People change by doing things differently. But half the battle is helping them want to do things differently,” says Fraser. “By equipping your leadership, aligning functions and engaging your employee’s creativity in the change process, you can yield real, sustainable improvement.”

The ARS claims to be the largest reliability engineering conference in the world providing presentations and tutorials from leading reliability practitioners.  The three-day event provides a great networking opportunity for experts to share their knowledge, experience and passion for reliability with those in the industry.

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