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Revised Training Needs Analysis Includes Enhanced Descriptions

The Training Needs Analysis is the most critical step in creating a training program. It assesses the unique industrial skills and safety requirements of each organization. A supervisor or crew fills in a survey book, noting the frequency and importance for each of the listed tasks to their jobs. TPC then analyzes their responses and creates a customized training program that is facility specific.

“The updated Training Needs Analysis helps our clients go further with their training efforts,” said Andrew Kauser, EVP Product Development, TPC Training Systems. “We can now deliver results that are more refined, making their training programs more efficient and cost effective.”

After the analysis is complete, the clients receive a recommended training curriculum. They can then implement their customized program using TPC’s self-study manuals, online courses, instructor-led classes, or a combination.

For additional information about the Training Needs Analysis or TPC Training Systems, visit You can also contact us at 800-837-8872.

About TPC Training Systems: TPC Training Systems is a division of Telemedia, Inc. a privately held company, with headquarters in Buffalo Grove, IL. A leader in industrial skills and safety training, TPC offers a variety of products and services to support clients’ technical and safety skills development needs. TPC’s self-study manuals, eLearning programs, and instructor-led training classes have been used at more than 40,000 client sites globally to train over 3.5 million skilled workers.

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