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Rolls-Royce Energy Selects Equipment Health Management Services from Optimized Systems and Solutions

OSyS’ EHM solution accesses and reviews live operational data from installed equipment. Through data analysis and trend identification, it predicts when operationally critical equipment may fail to enable proactive resolution of potential issues and actively manages system alerts and operational change to continuously improve asset availability and reliability.

“OSyS’ EHM services provide the information that enables preventive actions to avoid unscheduled downtime,” said Peter Brown, Director, Customer Services Business, Rolls-Royce Energy. “The energy industry is looking for more effective ways to predict impending equipment failures, diagnose the failure causes and prioritize them to improve availability and reduce operational risk. OSyS’ EHM services are an integral part of our long-term service agreement package, a major contributor to the increased availability of equipment and improved revenue.”

“We are pleased to continue delivering EHM services to Rolls-Royce Energy,” said Cory Gendron, regional vice president - North America for OSyS. “Increasingly, energy plant operators are recognizing the value of predictive equipment health management analytics and intelligent diagnostic solutions. Built on more than a decade of EHM experience, OSyS provides a proven, end-to-end solution that unlocks the full decision-making value of equipment data to help customers maximize asset availability and reliability, while also ensuring safe operations and significant cost savings.”

By identifying potential problems so that early action can be taken to resolve developing situations, OSyS’ EHM services enable customers to optimize maintenance planning, allocate resources more efficiently and achieve improved performance levels, availability, safety and compliance.

Optimized Systems and Solutions (OSyS) delivers software and services that reduce operating costs and optimize the availability of high-value equipment. OSyS solutions use customers’ asset-related data to enhance business performance.

OSyS has more than a decade of experience providing proven mature processes and tools, such as integrated electronic process safety management systems and equipment health management, to a worldwide customer base that includes Fortune 100 companies.

OSyS’ software engineering and information technology expertise, combined with extensive domain knowledge and proven processes, enables customers to be more proactive, make more-informed decisions and prevent costly problems. OSyS also helps customers reduce risk to ensure safe, compliant and profitable operations and enjoy a predictive edge.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Rolls-Royce Group plc with more than 400 employees in the US, UK and Qatar, OSyS delivers consultancy, solution-driven and managed services to customers in more than 100 countries. For more information, please visit the OSyS web site at 

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