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ROTALIGN Ultra Multi-Coupling

Ascertaining the alignment of all machines in a multiple machine train has always been a cumbersome and time consuming process. The new ROTALIGN Ultra MultiCoupling feature allows the alignment of up to seven machines in a train to be measured simultaneously with a single quarter rotation (or less!) of the shafts. This saves enormous amounts of time and resources when aligning turbine trains on the critical path in an outage, or machine trains with gearboxes that are difficult to turn. The millwright’s job efficiency is thereby multiplied while simultaneously easing the workload and increasing the accuracy of the final alignment through optimization of corrective moves throughout the train.

ROTALIGN Ultra Laser Alignment System is the world’s leading platform for precision measurement applications from shaft alignment to bore centerline alignment, flatness and straightness measurement as well as continuous monitoring of positional change in machinery from thermal growth and other causes and now it is the only system in the market offering this unparalleled high-tech capability for the alignment of multiple-element drives.


LUDECA is a vendor of Preventive, Predictive and Corrective Maintenance Solutions including machinery laser alignment, vibration analysis and balancing equipment as well as software, rentals, services and training. For more information, visit

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