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Schaeffler Training to Become a Vibration Expert Now with an Accredited Certificate

SCHWEINFURT, 2016-12-19

Schaeffler is the only company in the German-speaking countries whose training program on vibration condition monitoring and diagnostics, which is offered jointly with the independent SECTOR Cert certification center, is completed with an accredited certificate. Training and certification are in accordance with DIN ISO 18436 2, have been proven to be professionally competent, in compliance with legal as well as normative requirements and at the highest possible level internationally.


After a three-year preparation period, the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS) has accredited the certification program for vibration condition monitoring and diagnostics for machines as per DIN ISO 18436-2, which is offered jointly by SECTOR Cert and Schaeffler. This means that the vibration experts trained exclusively by Schaeffler will obtain a certificate upon passing their examination that bears the DAkkS stamp.

Required by the market: Personnel certification
This training is particularly attractive for independent service providers, after-sales staff of machine manufacturers and those in charge of machine and equipment maintenance in a plant. By acquiring this certification, they demonstrate their expertise on the market, improve their chances for invitations to tender and have easier access to new and international markets. There is increasing demand for personnel certification in the condition monitoring and diagnosis sector, and it is even a prerequisite in the wind power industry.


High training standards worldwide
All vibration experts trained by Schaeffler have passed their certification examination. Instructors in Schaeffler’s training program have many years of professional experience in machine monitoring, are certified to ISO 18436-2 Category III and have had additional training as an instructor. Schaeffler is continuously expanding its training network according to the same quality standards. Employees from various regions of the world are trained per ISO 18436-2 Category III and training is offered in Category I and II locally and in the language spoken in the relevant country.

DIN ISO 18436-2: Training on vibration condition monitoring
DIN ISO standard 18436 generally deals with the training and certification of personnel on condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines. DIN ISO 18436-2 refers to vibration diagnosis - one of the most common methods for monitoring machines during operation. Schaeffler offers two consecutive training categories. Part one teaches a basic understanding of vibrations in machines and participants learn to measure and analyze them. After passing the examination and applying what they have learned for a minimum of one year, participants learn more details about analysis and diagnosis in part two of the training program, with links to machine expertise. Following the final examination, training participants are qualified to interpret and evaluate routine results independently based on specifications and standards and are thus able to provide a detailed evaluation and documentation on a machine’s condition.

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