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Senseye Welcomes Parvalux to Its PROGNOSYS Machine Failure Forecasting Pilot

Southampton, UK -- April 8, 2016 -- Senseye welcomes Parvalux, Europe’s leading supplier of geared motor solutions to its PROGNOSYS condition monitoring and prognostics pilot programme.

Parvalux will be using PROGNOSYS to monitor its production facilities and help to ensure that they remain at optimum efficiency, ensuring that their products meet rigorous quality standards and are delivered to their customers on time. PROGNOSYS will help to predict costly failures in production machinery months in advance by using the principles of condition monitoring together with advanced machine learning and the Internet of Things.

Mr John Lodge, Production Engineering Manager at Parvalux commented that “Parvalux has been working with Senseye to provide data using vibration sensors, informing us of bearing fatigue on sliding head CNC machines. The driving factor of this is to eliminate downtime and reduce the risk of part ovality. The system will show if and when a bearing is beginning to fail, allowing planned maintenance to occur at a suitable time. This will also allow potential bearing failure to be highlighted long before any parts are affected, reducing the risk of scrap.”

Rob Russell, CTO of Senseye says “Working with Parvalux is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate how our innovative approach to prognostics and condition monitoring can really help just in time manufacturers like Parvalux to reduce their operational costs”.

Senseye is currently offering a zero-cost trial of their PROGNOSYS cloud-based software, enabling manufactures to prove the value of the solution. The company is accepting applications now and will offer all setup and configuration without charge.

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