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Sensitive, accurate, uncooled infrared thermal imaging camera just got better

Infrared Cameras Inc. announced its latest development, the ICI Prodigy 640 Thermal Imaging Camera, is now available for purchase. Building on the award winning ICI 7320, the new Prodigy 640 camera boasts an impressive resolution of 640 by 480 pixels, giving it 307,200 pixels or temperature measurement points. “In its class, the ICI Prodigy 640 Pro series is the most sensitive camera in the world”, says Gary Strahan, the CEO of Infrared Cameras Inc., producer of the camera. With a true resolution of 640x480, an accuracy of ±1% or 1° C, and a NETD of 38mK, the Prodigy 640 outperforms nearly every 640x480 or larger resolution infrared camera on the market today. Given the Prodigy is reasonably priced, ICI has already begun to take orders for the camera. “For a limited time only we are offering these cameras at the low introductory price of $15,000 USD if you mention this press release when ordering” said Gary Strahan, CEO of Infrared Cameras Inc.

A large selection of optics are available allowing the Prodigy 640 to be used for a variety of applications. The Prodigy 640 is compact and lightweight making it the perfect companion for the thermographer on the move. The infrared camera is paired with a Sony Micro computer allowing the thermographer to operate the camera in any location with access to its professional analysis software, IR Flash. Thermographers now have the ability to record real-time data complete with 48 temperature measurement zones while on site. Store this data for analysis later or pull out a few snapshots for report generation. Thermographers can take real time thermograms or video and build a report or send images via wifi to a client within seconds. The ICI Prodigy 640 camera has more onboard features than any other handheld imager in the world because it is integrated with a Sony Microcomputer. Applications range from PM, R&D, Security, Medical, Vision, Agriculture, Petrochemical, Aerospace, Automotive and too many others to list. The main office of Infrared Cameras Inc. is located at 2105 West Cardinal Drive, Beaumont, Texas, 77705. For more information please call (U.S.) 866-861-0788, (International) 409-861-0788.

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