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SensorData Technologies Introduces Industry Exclusive


With technology that is both completely new to the market and exclusive to SensorData, the patented Model M411-106-10K (U.S. Patent number 6,865,955 B2) works by simultaneously measuring the tensile and bending forces experienced by a moving conveyor system. The system is comprised of a multi-axis sensor link with onboard amplifiers and 12-bit SAR ADCs per axis, an onboard 915 MHz transmitter with antenna, and a remote FM base station that connects to a user-supplied PC via USB. Rated capacities are 5K lb-in for Mx, 1.5 K lb-in. for My, 2K lb-in for Mz and 10 K lb. for Fz, with 0.5% of rated output accuracy. Maximum safe load is 150% of rated capacity for moments and 300% of rated capacity for tensile forces.

When properly installed on a conveyor system, the Model 411-106-10K provides real-time moving measurements of tensile forces (Fz),  horizontal bending moments (Mx), vertical bending moments (My), and twisting moments (Mz). An external 4.8 VDC rechargeable NiMH battery pack provides 3.3 VDC excitation. The sensor link and its battery pack weigh a combined four pounds. The supplied intuitive, user-friendly software package allows for easy conveyor system data acquisition and display, with the added capability to archive measurements for later comparison and analysis.

In support of this specialty product technology, experts at SensorData work directly with automotive conveyor systems manufacturers, suppliers,  distributors and their associated personnel to assess the combined stresses experienced within a production line, towards the establishment of an effective preventative maintenance roadmap. Working from a line schematic supplied by the conveyor supplier, SensorData experts are present for and help troubleshoot the proper product installation by union labor personnel of the Model M411-106-10K within their system. The resultant data points are presented in report format as combined stresses detected within the conveyor line during operation. This timely and relevant information allows production line personnel to identify,  diagnose and prevent costly systems breakdowns, as well as to help establish benchmarks for new or retrofitted conveyor systems.

For additional details, specifications, or pricing, contact SensorData Technologies at +1.586.739.4254, via email at, or visit   

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