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St. Louis, MO


SensrTrx, a revolutionary new manufacturing analytics platform, today announces the launch of its North American beta program. This announcement supports the company’s mission to bring manufacturers affordable, easy-to-use, and effective analytics that allow them to implement cost-saving measures inside their business without expensive software or complex implementation projects.

“We’ve reached a point where technology can give us incredible access to data” said SensrTrx founder, Bryan Sapot. “However, the costs and complexity associated with analyzing this information is overwhelming to many manufacturers. SensrTrx makes collecting, reviewing, and acting on this data incredibly simple. No one else is making this data as accessible as SensrTrx is, and I hope that the availability of our beta program will give more manufacturers an opportunity to see why this platform is so revolutionary.”

In a forecast released in Q1 of 2016, Gartner Inc. predicted that the advanced analytics market will grow 14 percent this year to $1.5 billion. By 2018, it predicts more than half of large global enterprises will leverage analytics and proprietary algorithms on secure platforms. Manufacturing is identified as one of the industries set to benefit the most from these types of tools; however, few manufacturing businesses currently have the capabilities, staff, and financial wherewithal to implement these types of platforms today. Manufacturers who are able to bring advanced analytics into their business in actionable ways will likely see big returns and will be poised to grow in their respective market vertical. The next 3-5 years will likely be a critical time for these businesses.

The SensrTrx North American beta program is already currently underway. The launch marks an expansion of their already successful efforts implementing the solution for several manufacturers. “Due to the success of our initial beta, we are looking to expand it further to include all North American manufacturers interested in saving money using data that is easy to understand and take action on” cheered Sapot.

About SensrTrx

SensrTrx helps manufacturing companies collect and use the large amount of data coming from their machines and devices in an affordable, accessible, and easy-to-use way previously viewed as too expensive or too complex. SensrTrx is revolutionizing the manufacturing analytics space by making manufacturing data extremely simple, accessible, and cost-effective. Rather than spending millions on data collection solutions, SensrTrx customers will now be able to access a solution for only thousands that is significantly less complex and easier to implement than the current methods that are available.

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