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SGS United Kingdom Ltd gains ISO 55001 accreditation

SGS has certified a number of organisations to ISO 55001 and PAS 55, covering a diverse range of assets from airports, road networks and train networks to power generation and oil and gas installations. To supersede PAS 55, ISO 55001 has been developed internationally in line with the new format of ISO standards.

Charlie Fleming, Lead Auditor for Asset Management Services from SGS, believes ISO 55001 is a great certification for organisations that have a multitude of assets, as the benefits can stretch across the long term decisions a company makes that can affect the whole life cycle of the asset. “The standard is essential in understanding the context of an organisation and how stakeholders and internal or external issues can impact upon the organisation’s decision making processes. Gaining perspective on the needs and expectations of stakeholders builds on an organisation’s ability to find and justify future ventures, through more informed decision making.”

“SGS is pleased to be one of the first companies to be able to offer accredited certification to ISO 55001. After certifying clients to PAS 55 for many years this new accreditation gives us the opportunity to use our knowledge and experience in building a framework for organisations through the certification process.”

SGS certifies organisations that normally own and operate the asset; however, the new certification is also relevant for service companies who operate assets on behalf of the owner. The certification provides confidence that the operator is acting as the custodian of the assets using the ISO 55001 framework. It also acts as a marketing tool when the operator is looking to operate in new sectors.

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