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SKF Microlog Analyzer CMXA 51 Certified and Approved by MHSA for Use in Hazardous ‘Gassy’ Areas

July 19, 2017


The SKF Microlog Analyzer CMXA 51 has been certified and approved by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) for use in hazardous “gassy” areas of all coal mine operations in the United States. The certification stipulates that the SKF Microlog Analyzer meets MSHA standards as a “permissible” and “intrinsically safe” device for areas where potentially explosive firedamp (a flammable gas, usually methane) is commonly found. All coal mines in the U.S. are considered “gassy” and only MSHA certified instruments are allowed to be used in gassy “permissible” areas. Certification to the MSHA standard affirms that the SKF analyzer is properly designed to perform safely in such hazardous mine environments by preventing any possible ignition of gas and dust fuels.

MSHA develops and enforces safety and health rules applying to all U.S. mines and works cooperatively with industry, labor, and Federal and state agencies toward improving safety and health conditions for all miners. Certification of products and technologies involves a lengthy and rigorous process.

The newly designated SKF Microlog Analyzer CMXA 51-MSHA has been designed and manufactured to achieve MSHA “system approval” certification using methods applicable to intrinsic safety. The design reduces the amount of generated energy (heat) and effectively eliminates the risk of the device igniting a flammable mixture.

The SKF Microlog Analyzer CMXA 51-MSHA is a rugged, portable, handheld condition-monitoring instrument for collecting vibration, process, and dynamic data from machinery. Features include the use of the SKF Acceleration Enveloping (gE) technology for machinery assessment, a backlit and easy-to-read touch screen, color LED indicators, and one data acquisition and one phase channel for use with an ICP accelerometer. The analyzer seamlessly integrates with SKF @ptitude Monitoring software for advanced data trending and analysis.

The SKF Microlog Analyzer CMXA 51-MSHA is the only MSHA approved vibration data collector available on the market today. The CMXA 51-MSHA kit includes an MSHA approved vibration accelerometer for temporary attachment to the underground mining machinery. The SKF CMPT vibration accelerometers with “AM” suffix are also MSHA system approved for use with the CMXA 51-MSHA. The CMPT “AM” accelerometers can be supplied and can be permanently mounted on the machinery.

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