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SKF ConRo Self-Contained Caster Roll Line Units Increase Roll Service Life and Cut Operating Costs

These robust, self-contained, fully sealed, and modular roll units integrate bearings, a patented sealing system, housings, grease, roll bodies, and water connections to serve as complete packages eliminating any need over their lifetime for re-lubrication and the costs associated with grease and frequent maintenance.  Ultimately, the units can help mills realize optimized performance, uptime, output, and productivity.

SKF ConRo units offer ideal solutions compared with conventional caster roll units, which typically must be lubricated with grease pumped through the bearings.  The overheated grease mixed with scale can solidify at high temperatures, damage seals, and restrict bearing re-lubrication.  Resulting contamination damages bearings and may cause roll lines to become dropped or locked severely, affecting slab quality.  Casters then must be shut down for segment overhauling in an ongoing and expensive cycle.

SKF ConRo units introduce a complete package to reduce untimely stops and poor-quality slabs.  They protect bearings from ingress of water and contaminants; promote proper lubrication between bearing rolling elements and raceways; reduce lubricant degradation and metal-to-metal contact, wear, and corrosion of bearings; minimize grease consumption and maintenance requirements; and lessen adverse environmental impact from excessive grease usage.

SKF ConRo units are available in three platforms (for top and lower zones).  They mount simply without lubrication lines to enable fast roll changing.  Further, SKF can remanufacture and customize the units.  SKF can deliver complete support services to maximize mill output.

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