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SKF Enlight Platform Combines New Mobile App with Vibration Sensor to Enable Collection of Machinery

Unlike route-based systems or dedicated high-end vibration analyzers - requiring high levels of staff competence and especially costly for one-off data measurements - SKF Enlight provides low-cost, fast, and easy-to-use instrumentation with instant connection to SKF expertise.  For data collection in hazardous areas, specially built and intrinsically safe ATEX Zone 1-compliant smartphones and tablets have been developed for the job.

SKF Enlight consists of Data Collect (the app) and the SKF Wireless Machine Condition Detector (WMCD), a sensor that mounts magnetically to a machine and measures vibration data.  The data is relayed to Data Collect via Bluetooth for visualization and vibration levels are benchmarked against ISO standards.  The user sees the assessment as a simple “traffic light” (red, amber, or green) indicator.  If an “On Demand Diagnostic” is warranted, an SKF RDC expert then would analyze the data and send a report on the cause of any fault with recommended remedial actions to the user’s email account.

The WMCD sensor additionally takes a simultaneous measurement of bearing condition using patented SKF algorithms to assess severity of any damage or wear.  These results, too, are displayed in traffic-light format and can be sent for on-demand SKF analysis and recommendations.

Contact SKF USA Inc., 890 Forty Foot Road, P.O. Box 352, Lansdale, PA 19446.  Phone: 800-440-4SKF (toll free).

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