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SKF Introduces Sensor Bearing to Protect Against Potential Power Surge Damage in Electric Motors

The EMC filter is integrated in-line with the sensor bearing’s cable to protect the Hall sensor and other electronics used in the bearing and ultimately can help improve bearing reliability and service life.

The new sensor bearing with EMC filter is one in a growing family of compact SKF sensor bearing solutions providing a variety of monitoring capabilities for applications across many industries.  Depending on application, SKF sensor bearings can measure a range of operating conditions, such as speed, position, and direction of a shaft, among others.

All SKF sensor bearings uniquely serve as ready-to-mount, plug-and-play units incorporating a shielded sensor and versatile deep groove ball bearing.  The sensor body, impulse ring, and bearing are mechanically attached to each other to form an integral unit retaining tight tolerances within the bearing.

SKF sensor bearings can deliver significant benefits before and after installation.  Their integrated design helps reduce development times and costs associated with manufacturing and assembly; a reduced footprint for the all-in-one units can allow for downsizing and weight reductions; and robust and durable components and materials promote sensor bearing unit performance over time.

In addition to the standard product line, customized sensor bearing solutions can be developed to satisfy particular application requirements.

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