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SKF Launches New Generation of Static Motor Analysis Equipment

These new instruments now include low-voltage inductance, impedance, phase angle and capacitance, coil, and DC step voltage tests in a smaller, lighter-weight portable unit. Like their predecessors, these analyzers also conduct winding resistance, megohm, DC HiPot, surge tests and DC bar-to-bar armature tests. All units come with a more intuitive, easy-to-navigate touch screen graphical user interface, and can be ordered in an array of configurations that suit the specific needs of a given customer.

The Baker DX series is designed for use in motor test/maintenance, industrial, and OEM motor manufacturing environments. The analyzer can perform motor tests from 4 to 40 kV (with an optional Power Pack), and can be configured with just the test functions customers wish to have. Baker DX analyzers have all of the motor test capabilities of Baker D-series and ST-series testers, including compatibility with SKF power pack units.

The new analyzers are available today in 4kV, 6kV, 6kV HO (high output), 12kV, and 12kV HO versions, along with a wide array of configuration options and accessories to meet specific application needs. Such options include coil test, resistance-inductance-capacitance test, DC armature test, simple meg-ohm test, and either single- or three-lead configurations.

Units may be ordered in the U.S. through authorized distributors, or from SKF partners and distributors throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia, Africa the Middle East and Canada.

About SKF CMC-Fort Collins

CMC-Fort Collins (previously known as Baker Instrument Company) is a part of the Regional Sales and Service business area of SKF Group. CMC-Fort Collins designs, manufactures and markets electrical condition monitoring equipment for a wide spectrum of industrial motor and generator performance monitoring applications. For more information, contact SKF CMC-Fort Collins at 1-800-752-8272, or via the web at

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