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SKF Multilog On-line System IMx-R offers condition monitoring and diagnostics that complies with TS

Compliant with TSI regulations (Technical Specifications for Interoperability for the European railway system), the SKF Multilog On-line System IMx-R is equipped with 20 analogue signal inputs, including eight for temperature, eight for vibration and four for general purpose.  The dynamic signal inputs are configurable for a variety of sensors.  Additionally, four digital channels may be used for measuring speed, trigger, or digital status, such as indicating when a measurement can take place.

“The SKF Multilog On-line System IMx-R is the next generation of powerful, cost-effective condition monitoring and protection solutions for railway vehicles,” says Ed Bondoc, Business Development Manager, SKF.  “Combined with other condition monitoring components and software, the IMx-R offers the railway industry a reliable diagnostic tool that can increase an application’s overall productivity and performance.”

Mounted in a 19-inch rack, the SKF Multilog On-line system IMx-R offers true simultaneous measurement of all channels with adaptive alarm levels and multi-parameter gating.  Additionally, the IMx-R includes Digital Peak Enveloping (DPE) and SKF’s acceleration enveloping, as well as data buffering in nonvolatile memory when communication is down.

The TSI component of the IMx-R offers protection against bogie instability with bogie hunting criteria and protection against hot axle boxes.  With early fault detection of different components, the IMx-R helps plan appropriate maintenance as part of a condition monitoring program.  Also, the unit’s unique built-in hardware auto-diagnosis system continuously checks all sensors, cabling and electronics for any faults, signal interruption, shortcuts or power failure.  Any malfunctions trigger an alarm.

When combined with several other components, the IMx-R transfers diagnostic data in a network with the SKF @ptitude Observer Monitor.  The system also operates in an existing LAN, together with other computers, printers, servers, etc., or over the internet.


For additional information about the SKF Multilog On-line System IMx-R, contact your local SKF representative, or visit

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