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SmartSignal CycleWatch Predictive-Analytic Solution Increases Reliable Starts in Combustion Turbines

CycleWatch detects problems that are revealed during CT startup cycles. This allows CT operators—for the first time—to investigate deviations and perform necessary repairs before their next startup, thus ensuring that units are reliable and ready when needed.

“Our customers have told us that, even with support from their OEMs, they still suffer from frequent failed starts, trips, and outages in startup,” said Jim Gagnard, CEO of SmartSignal. “So, we developed a new product that uses patent-protected technology, including a new modeling approach called VBM, to give them more insight into each startup cycle. VBM is the only technology that can analyze the highly variable conditions of startup and detect subtle deviations from normal. After conducting successful beta tests, we are releasing CycleWatch to the entire power generation industry.”

VBM is advanced modeling technology that processes more data at a higher frequency, which means that CTs can detect even the slightest deviations from “golden” starts before issues and outages happen.

For over 10 years, SmartSignal has provided dozens of leaders in the power industry worldwide with early warnings and actionable insights on issues that happen at load operation of equipment. Now, with CycleWatch, SmartSignal can provide them with the insight they need to find critical issues that reveal themselves in the dynamic conditions of a CT start.

Combined cycle units and peaking CTs are under increasing stress from frequent cycling. With stress come more failed starts, trips, and forced outages, with associated maintenance costs and lost generation revenue. On average, according to GADS data, combined cycle forced outage costs attributed to the CT average $500 K/unit year in lost generation revenue and $200K in maintenance.

About SmartSignal

SmartSignal maximizes worldwide industry equipment performance, availability, and reliability by detecting, diagnosing, and prioritizing equipment and process problems before they become costly failures. Drawing on over 40 patents, SmartSignal delivers specific, relevant, and actionable intelligence that makes people more proactive and productive. SmartSignal serves customers in power generation, oil and gas, mining, aviation, pulp and paper, and other process industries worldwide. SmartSignal and its customers have won over twenty awards for excellence, including a Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award and the 2009 ITA (Illinois Technology Association) Lighthouse Award for excellence in product and services.

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