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SmartSignal EPI Center 3.0 Predictive Diagnostics

SmartSignal EPI*Center provides predictions of impending equipment and process failures-more precisely than and earlier than current condition-monitoring tools. Developed with customer input, EPI*Center 3.0 adds three breakthrough applications with end-to-end functionalities-including advanced analysis, easy reporting, incident management and workflow support, and powerful knowledge capture and recall. With EPI*Center 3.0, SmartSignal customers not only predict, diagnose, and prioritize like no other- they now capture SmartSignal’s intelligence to dramatically impact the way they do business.

Jim Gagnard, SmartSignal CEO, said: “SmartSignal’s vision is to use its patent-protected technology to deliver best-in-class analytics, diagnostics, and prognostics to industry. EPI*Center 3.0 is the foundation of our vision. We have built EPI*Center 3.0 with input from, and verification by, our valued customers. With this release, our customers will be able to easily organize, analyze, and manage critical information about the health of their assets.”

EPI*Center 3.0 includes:

1. A monitoring application with powerful incident-management support and knowledge capture. This incorporates advanced capabilities for analyzing, managing, communicating, capturing, and learning from EPI*Center’s predictive intelligence.

2. An administrative application that assures security through reports on user activity and connection histories.

3. Fully internationalized applications that broadly expand ease-of-use. EPI*Center applications and data can be viewed in customers’ native languages, and multi-nationals even can access the solution in multiple languages.

4. Application Programming Interface web services, which provide an open, flexible interface that allows integration of SmartSignal into any application in the enterprise.

Unlike other options, EPI*Center 3.0 integrates easily and quickly with customers’ historians and other tools, allowing for quick value and payback. And, uniquely, customers can host the software or use the services of SmartSignal’s Availability and Performance Center, a full-service center that can flexibly deploy, maintain, and/or monitor the solution.

For further information about EPI*Center 3.0, contact Bob Andrews, VP Sales, SmartSignal Corporation, at or 630-829-4002.

About SmartSignal

SmartSignal eliminates equipment failure so its customers avoid surprises. Its patented predictive diagnostics reduce risk left by current condition monitoring. SmartSignal optimizes its customers’ resources and readily integrates into their enterprises so they can innovate. After monitoring more than 12,000 rotating and non-rotating assets, identifying over 10,000 developing equipment failures and thousands of operational errors, and protecting equipment for dozens of leaders across multiple industries for over 10 years, SmartSignal has proven itself to be the worldwide leader and innovator in predictive diagnostics for equipment health. A Microsoft Gold Partner, SmartSignal and its customers have won over twenty awards for excellence, including an international Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award.

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