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SmartSignal to Present at XXI World Energy Congress

Don Doan, SmartSignal Power Industry Specialist and Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional, will discuss SmartSignal’s patented Similarity-Based Modeling, the technology behind its leading Predictive Analytic solutions, and how SmartSignal has recently expanded beyond Predictive Analytics to Predictive Diagnostics. He also will unveil SmartSignal’s latest initiative: combining Predictive Diagnostics with Reliability Centered Maintenance and industry expertise to help reengineer maintenance work management, eliminate unneeded inspections, reduce work orders, lower maintenance costs, protect against critical asset failures, and improve commercial availability.

Jim Gagnard, SmartSignal’s President & CEO, who will be joining Don at the WEC, said: “We believe our latest innovation will transform the way maintenance is scheduled. By just one measure, we’re projecting work order reductions of 20-40%. That’s not just of interest to maintenance engineers, that’s big news for CEOs.”

Entitled “Predictive Analytics Technology Review: Similarity-Based Modeling and Beyond,” the SmartSignal presentation will be delivered in session 2.6, which is scheduled to begin at 3:00 (EDT) on Tuesday, September 14. It builds on a paper co-authored by Don Doan and Jim Herzog, Ph.D., SmartSignal’s Chief Technologist; Devang Gandhi, Ph.D., Research Engineer; and Bill Nieman, Ph.D., Manager, Solution Architects.

About SmartSignal
SmartSignal is the leading provider of Predictive Diagnostic software and services used to anticipate and avoid surprise equipment failure. SmartSignal customers detect equipment problems with enough advanced timing to optimize maintenance resources, reduce risks, and eliminate failure. With over 40 patents and tens of thousands of prevented impending equipment failures and operational errors, SmartSignal technology has won over twenty awards for excellence, including an international Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award.

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