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SPI Infrared Launches New X26 Thermal Imaging Review Web Site

SPI Corp. has been a trusted provider or thermal infrared cameras, video equipment, and night vision goggles and scopes for over 12 years. The SPI network has professionally certified thermographers available for contract work throughout the United States, and offers training for those who wish to retain certified thermographers on staff. Their products are military spec quality and have 3rd generation thermal imaging technology.

The SPI network has always believed that an informed customer is a happy customer. Unfortunately, with so much infrared camera information being published, and often abandoned online, it has become difficult for customers to find exactly what they need. SPI enthusiastically supports and applauds the relaunch of X26 as positive sign of what will come—more clean, well organized web sites that present relevant material in an easy to find format. They hope to inspire other thermal infrared camera web sites to follow the lead of to make it easier for customers to educate themselves about thermal imaging and the newest infrared products. Randall Kolchins, a founding partner of SPI Corp said, “We believe that well informed customers will naturally gravitate toward the superior infrared solutions that we offer at SPI Corp, so in a way, it is with selfish intent that we encourage X26 and other sites to step up their game!”

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Teresa Fahs
Sierra Pacific Innovations, Corp.

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Sierra Pacific Innovations is the United Stated leader in providing custom night vision and thermal infrared solutions to local and federal agencies. SPI prides itself on an over 15 year positive track record for the ability to quickly meet the demands and needs of sophisticated thermal, infrared, and military grade night vision products. SPI FLIR systems are ready out of the box, or can be custom engineered for your exact requirements. Our team of technicians and engineers are here to help every step of the way from deciding which thermal imager is best, to designing any modifications, training customers on thermal imaging software and correct camera use, to offering after purchase support. Any one with additional questions or in need of greater details are invited to call the SPI technical staff at 702-369-3966.

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