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SPM Instrument announces the release of Leonova Diamond

Condition monitoring the SPM way is uniquely easy to learn and utilize. Highly advanced measuring techniques, optimized for a minimal and smooth learning curve, quickly brings your maintenance department up to speed, providing organized management for large numbers of routine measurements. Immediate, on the spot condition evaluation is also a trademark of all SPM measuring devices.

Building on the successful Leonova platform, Leonova Diamond® features state-of-the-art digital technology and a robust, rugged design. Leonova Diamond® is the first portable instrument offering the recently patented and award-winning SPM HD® measuring technique for condition monitoring of rolling element bearings. Capable to reliably measure machine condition in the 1-20.000 RPM range, the method has broadened the potential scope of condition monitoring to include more machinery than ever before. SPM HD® brings to light machine problems which are impossible to monitor with traditional vibration measurement techniques.

Alongside SPM HD®, Leonova Diamond® also offers highly sophisticated vibration analysis capabilities. The instrument boasts an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and provides razor-sharp spectrums even where signals are weak and low in energy content. The wide frequency range, covering from 0 to 40 KHz, enables measurement where absolute position is vital. For machinery with journal bearings, Leonova Diamond® reliably measures dynamic and centerline movement of the shaft. Multi-channel measurement enables the use of triaxial transducers and multi-axes vibration monitoring while cutting long measuring routes down to a minimum of time. Providing maximum value, performance and control, Leonova Diamond® is the perfect tool for the beginner as well as the advanced vibration analyst.

Leonova Diamond® incorporates highly advanced and innovative order tracking functionality. The powerful HD Order Tracking, applicable in an RPM range from just a few to thousands of revolutions per minute, enables more precise measurements and more detailed spectrums than ever before. On machinery operating under variable speed, vibration analysis with HD Order Tracking provides reliable data and crystal clear measuring results also under large RPM variations. Corrective maintenance techniques such as run up-coast down measurement, shaft alignment and dynamic balancing can be added to the instrument as optional modules.

The powerful Condmaster® Ruby software fully supports the Leonova Diamond® features, providing setup of personalized default settings for the instrument and all the expert knowledge needed to evaluate machine condition. Condmaster® Ruby is modular and system functionality can be tailored to specific customer needs.

Leonova Diamond® is engineered for performance. It is a dependable and highly capable analysis tool, addressing all condition monitoring needs. The instrument offers a full range of sophisticated measuring techniques as well as all the supporting diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities. Designed for heavy industry, the look and feel of the instrument reflects its intended use. For use in hazardous areas and hostile environments, an intrinsically safe version of the instrument is available.

Stefan Lindberg, Managing Director of SPM Instrument, comments on the launch of the instrument: “Leonova Diamond® is the latest proof of our commitment to developing first class condition monitoring products for more profitable maintenance. In a direct response to feedback from SPM customers worldwide, we developed a durable, high-performance instrument that will deliver long working life under the toughest, most demanding circumstances. Leonova Diamond® puts portable intelligence and productivity in the palm of your hand.”

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