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SPM Instrument Broadens the Scope of Condition Monitoring

SPM Leonova® Diamond: This portable instrument was designed for rough industrial environments utilizing carbon fiber re-enforced housing.  Lightweight yet sophisticated providing a powerful combination of well-proven measuring techniques for every situation, all in one instrument.

Bearing Monitoring as you have never seen it:
Where established methods fail, SPM-HD® detects deteriorating bearing condition and incipient failures with impressive accuracy and exceptional pre-warning times.

Ultra Low Speed Bearing Monitoring:
Low rpm applications have been beyond the limits of established monitoring techniques - until now.
SPM-HD® is able to accurately measure rolling element bearings rotating from 1 RPM all the way to 20,000 RPM. Advanced and patent pending digital algorithms provide very high measuring dynamics with results presented in never-before-seen detail. Razor sharp spectrums and time signals bring root cause analysis to a new level of understanding.

High Definition Order Tracking:
Utilizing careful engineering and optimal use of digital technology, the powerful HD Order Tracking enables more precise measurements and more detailed spectrums than ever before.

3-Channel High-Performance Vibration Analysis:
Leonova® Diamond provides razor-sharp spectrums even where signals are weak and low in energy content. The instrument measures Vibration severity for general machine condition plus velocity, acceleration and displacement according to ISO10816 standards. In addition to RMS vibration readings, the instrument displays an FFT spectrum.  Enveloping with band and high pass filters can be selected to optimize analysis.  The EVAM® measuring technique provides pre-programmed evaluation models for time and frequency domain parameters.  25600 line FFT’s to 40 kHz spectrums with true zoom makes the Leonova® Diamond a powerful portable analytical tool for every industry.

Corrective Maintenance Techniques:
Leonova® Diamond provides sophisticated tools for root cause analysis and corrective maintenance. In addition to standard functions such as an Electronic Stethoscope, Laser Tachometer with Temperature, there are many modular functions such as Motor Current Analysis, Run up/coast down, Bump Test, Laser Shaft Alignment and Dynamic Balancing that can be added to the instrument at any time.

Power-packed Software
Condmaster® Ruby:
Containing the expert knowledge needed to evaluate machine condition. Condmaster® Ruby collects and stores measuring results delivered from all SPM handheld and online measuring devices for evaluation and presentation in a single software package.

SPM Instrument continues as a world leader in developing condition monitoring solutions.  The Leonova® Diamond is the latest proof of this commitment.

SPM Instrument

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